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Growth and Momentum

For decades the world has been waking up to the reality that our economic system, based on profit at all cost, has been exacerbating threats to the health and wellbeing of society and the planet.

Since being established in the U.S. in 2006, over 3,600 B Corps have gained a foothold in 75 countries around the world – a global community supported by a growing network of B Lab Global and Country Partners in six continents, including our Sistema B partners in Latin America.

Led by our early adopters in 2015, the growth in the number of B Corps in the UK is proof that there is increasing demand for a better model of business. Milestone moments over the last five years have also been catalysts for growth.

The B Corp movement is stewarded by the B Lab Global Network

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Then in 2020, we saw a dramatic acceleration in the number of aspiring B Corps, as companies embraced long-term thinking and stakeholder governance in order to future-proof their business and navigate their way through crises.

Despite the turmoil of 2020, our fifth anniversary marks the year we reached over 400 B Corps in the UK and became one of the fastest growing B Corp communities in the world. Keep reading to find out how B Corps are championing the movement.

The B Corp community

The fast-growing number of B Corps in the UK is thanks to our community championing the movement and sharing our message with their many stakeholders.

We’re proud and grateful that this early momentum continues as the B Corp community collaborates, shares best practice and celebrates business as a force for good.

Over 6,000 people have registered for the 60 events we have hosted in the last five years. These include B Socials; a Learn to B knowledge-sharing series; community conversations about anti-racism; and October 2019’s B Inspired, which attracted 600 people to explore the future of business in society.

The early years...
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    B Corps unite to hack SDG 12

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    The B Corp community at B Together, a community retreat in 2017

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    In May 2019, B Corps and friends came together for ‘Learn to B: How business can create social change’

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    Panel discussion about how business could bring brighter futures for people seeking refuge

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    Judah and Stickz from In House Records

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    Through a series of TED-style talks, kitchen table discussions and ‘fireside’ chats, B Inspired explored the rapidly changing role of business in society

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    Kajal Odedra from Change.org and Tom Rippin from On Purpose

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    Chris Turner from B Lab UK

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    Douglas Lamont from innocent drinks and Pippa Murray from Pip & Nut

Behind the scenes, B Corp working groups are addressing specific areas of impact; while B Locals are emerging throughout the UK, creating localised B Corp hubs.

Beyond the B Corp community, cohorts of experienced sustainability professionals are training as B Leaders. This involves completing an intensive programme to facilitate businesses through the B Corp certification process.

And the COVID-19 lockdown didn’t deter our collaborative spirit: engagement with the B Hive (the B Corp community’s dedicated social media platform) has multiplied, with employees sharing resources and offering support.

It is due to this kind of collaboration – between B Corp ambassadors, leaders, employees, working groups, B Locals and B Leaders – that we enjoy such a high level of engagement and dedication.

Introducing the B Corp working groups